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Reshape Gastric Balloon Los Angeles | Athenix
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What is Reshape?

Like the Orbera gastric balloon, the Reshape Integrated Dual Balloon System creates a sensation of abdominal fullness that wards off hunger pains and helps patients to lose weight without the side effects, incisions or downtime of invasive surgeries.

The only difference is that the Reshape design includes dual, saline-filled balloons instead of a single sphere. Because two balloons can hold more saltwater than one, the Reshape system tends to be a more aggressive weight loss solution than Orbera.

The Reshape implant is inserted endoscopically through the mouth under mild sedation, and the entire procedure typically lasts about 30 minutes. Most Athenix patients return to work or school in Los Angeles the very next day.

Reshape gastric balloon Reshape gastric balloon

A winning combination of medical ingenuity and personalized coaching

The Reshape gastric balloon requires two phases over the course of one year. The first involves placement of the dual sphere implant and lifestyle management that involves learning portion control and how to manage negative eating patterns.

After six months, the gastric balloon is removed, but coaching continues for half a year more, so that the client’s hard-won changes are solidified and continued progress is assured.

A lifestyle change includes not only a more appealing figure in the mirror, but an improved mental outlook, greater positive momentum, and a renewed interest in building an enjoyable exercise regimen.

Your Los Angeles Athenix Reshape package comes with:

  • The advanced, intuitive Reshape technology
  • Access to a supportive team of physicians, dieticians, personal trainers and psychologists
  • An online portal for 24/7 connection with the program
  • A unique food plan and exercise regimen tailored to your preferences
  • Continued follow up and lifestyle coaching for up to 12 months

Candidacy for Reshape

Reshape is ideal is you have never had GI surgery before, suffer from moderate obesity, and have a BMI no greater than 40. To qualify for Reshape, you must also have what’s called a co-morbidity, or secondary obesity-related ailment such as sleep apnea, high cholesterol, hypertension or diabetes. You must also be willing to participate in the entire 12-month program, attending continuous follow-up sessions with lifestyle coaches even after the balloon is removed.

Excellent, time-tested results

Clinical trials states that Reshape patients can lose at least twice the amount of weight they would otherwise drop through diet and exercise changes alone, and many continue to keep the weight off for longer periods, thanks to the built-in medical and dietary support system that comes with the Reshape technology. Many report up to a 35% loss of total excess pounds using Reshape.

Are there side effects with Reshape?

During clinical trials, the most common symptom of discomfort was nausea. Only about 15% of patients experienced this to a severe degree, however. Most were able to tolerate it for the first few days as the body adjusted to the presence of the gastric balloon.

Who created Reshape?

The Reshape dual gastric balloon system was designed by Reshape Medical Inc., a San Clemente-based company formerly called Abdominis. Reshape Medical focuses on creating intragastric balloons to combat obesity.

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